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Drill Part Number System


Field 1 Drill Type

G Gun drill
E  Gun reamer
F  Speedfeed
S  Speedbit
V  Ventec
P  Proten
X  Special

Field 2 Standard or Coated

M  Standard metric
C   Coated metric
I  Standard imperial
K   Coated imperial

Field 3-7 Diameter

Decimal point between fields 4 & 5, size to 3 decimal places

Fields 8 Contour (Gun drills only. All other drills are A)

A - C1  Standard
C - C2  Grey Cast Iron
D - C3  Gun boring
E - C4  Crankshafts, Aluminium > dia Ø 4.0
X - Special

Fields 9-12 Length (No decimal point)

Gun Drills - Overall length
Speedfeed - Flute length
Ventec - Flute length
Speedbit - Flute length

Fields 13&14 Driver Type (See separate list for driver codes)

ND  No driver
RT  Re-tip
RD  Reduction
RG  Re-grind
MO  Modification

Fields 15 Workpiece Material

A  Steel/Non ferrous/Cast Iron
H  Grey Cast Iron
T  Cast Iron (high phosphorus content)
M  Stainless Steel, High Si content aluminium

Field 16 Nose Grinds

A  NG6/NG8 Standard
B  NG4 Aluminium
E  NG13 Grey Cast Iron
F  NG73 Stack
G  NG80 Flat bottom
H  NG82 Inconel
J  NG83 Crankshaft
K  NG86 Wood
X  Special